When reading a person’s writing, it is important to understand their perspective. For example, a rich person is going to have a completely different view on poverty than someone who actually lives in poverty. With that, let me fill you in on my perspective.

I am a married father of three. My wife is a stay at home mother who teaches our children at home (that’s right, we’re home-schoolers). I am heavily active with Tarrant Lodge #942 A.F. & A.M. For those who don’t know what that is, I am a Freemason. On top of all that, I attend school full-time and work mostly part-time.

I was born in a small West Texas town called Big Spring. I was raised in poverty. My mother raised me and my little sister largely on her own. My father was in and out of prison most of my life. Believe it or not, we were better off without him. Fortunately my sister missed out on the worst of it, but I watched him abuse my mother on an almost daily basis. Like I said, life was better without him around.

I could go on and on about living life in poverty and the joys of having welfare Christmases, but ultimately it does not matter. The one thing I took away from it all was that my children will have better than I had. They will get opportunities that I never had and they will learn that it takes hard work, determination, and perseverance to get ahead in this world.  My point is that they will never know the hardships and pain I had to endure.

Well, that’s enough of the depressing stuff! Let me tell you who I am now. As I previously stated, I am actively involved in the world of Freemasonry. Now, despite what you may have heard from crazy conspiracy theorists or read in a Dan Brown novel, the Freemasons have no interest in ruling the world. In fact, we don’t have any interests in ruling much of anything. What we are interested in is making good men better. Believe it or not, we are also interested in making good women better via the Order of the Eastern Star. Anyone interested can shoot me a line. I will be happy to answer any questions. Well, enough with the shameless self-promotion.

By trade I am a computer tech. It’s really nothing fancy. I just fix computers for people. Currently I am employed at Best Buy in their Geek Squad department. It’s a pretty good gig; I Just wish they would let us do more physical repairs in the store. Basically what I am saying is don’t judge my mad skills based on the services available in your local Best Buy! Seriously though, I guess I am pretty good at it. So, again, anyone who needs any help or has any questions should feel free to ask me. I will do what I can, if I can!

I guess that is enough for now. I just wanted to provide a little perspective. I think it’s important.


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