Web 2.0 and Me: What the Hell is a Twitter and How Does it Taste?

I have always considered myself to be a fairly savvy denizen of the internet. I still make that claim. Truth be told, I am a computer person in general. You absolutely must have a fairly good working knowledge of the internet if you want to make it in the computer industry. This is indisputable and any disagreements will be dealt with swiftly and harshly!

With my bit o’ bragging out of the way, I must now state that there were some really neat things that I was missing out on. Fortunately for me and the rest of the world Dr. Hara showed me the light. You see, I know how awesome things like Twitter and blogging are thanks to her and her English 3372 class. So that’s great for me. For the rest of the world, it is great because they can now read all the great things I have to say.

Yep, this just about sums it up.

Let’s start with Twitter!

I knew about Twitter well before I started taking this class. I also somehow knew it sucked despite having never used it. Sure, that’s a bit short-sited, but whatever. Don’t judge me. Well, the first day of class we were informed that we had to sign up. How awful was that? The gall of this professor! Didn’t she know how I felt about Twitter?

How I felt!

Apparently I was being irrational. After signing up for Twitter I had a slow start. Other than who I was forced to follow, who else was I supposed to follow? I started looking. I quickly found that a lot of my favorite media personalities are on Twitter. I had some friends and family on there as well. Next thing I know I am actually participating. Willingly. Okay, I can concede now that I may have possibly been wrong about Twitter. It really is pretty neat. I don’t often concede defeat so easily. Next time Dr. Hara, next time!


Wow, this site is amazing. It’s simplicity can not be overstated. Basically, you throw up your bookmarks on here and other people can check them out. Sounds like a terrible idea, right? Not so fast! You can tag them, share them, and comment on them. You can search through the many, many available public links as well. Just a random search for “clownsreturns 2299 results. As horrifying as the thought that people are stockpiling clown sites may seem, it just goes to show how useful this site really can be.

On the other hand....

Terrifying yourself in to a sobbing mess isn’t Delicious’s only plus. Think about the countless times you have been at a buddy’s house and could not remember a site or even what you searched for to find it. No problem says Delicious. Save that cool stuff to Delicious and when you are at your friend’s house then you can just log in and pull it up. Sweet!

No, really, please stop saving the clown sites. Please...


Hopefully anyone reading this knows what WordPress is. Here is a hint: you are on it right now. WordPress does two things. First, it allows people like me to create blogs for free. All you have to do is sign up and start spouting your opinion like the whole world cares. Second, they have a plugin that almost all major web hosting sites allow you to install on your domain. This enables you to take advantage of their easy to use interface while maintaining your personal site. Do you like the way the WordPress dashboard makes updating your page easy, but don’t like being tied down to xyz.wordpress.com? It can be kind of cumbersome. You know what is not cumbersome? Xyz.com, that’s what. Just purchase your chosen domain name, find a host that supports WordPress, install it, and get busy talking to the world. It really is that easy.

You keep saying it's easy, but I am still looking for that damned "any" key.

Well, there you have it. We those are the three major tools we have used this semester. Sure, there were a few that we talked about, but those were consistent. They were the rocks upon which we raised our buildings of education. They are our addictions and enablers all at the same time. To describe them as the glue that binds would be putting it a little too mildly! If I try to fit one more euphemism in here it will likely be too much for the universe to handle so I will stop now.

Getting a little woozy here James.

As always, comments, criticisms, and suggestions are always welcomed. Jump in and tell me what you think!


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