The “Good” Old Days

Today I had a revelation! Well, I guess “idea that I had never thought of” would be more appropriate, but we will just call it a revelation for now. I realized that time just doesn’t freaking stop. Ever. It kind of pisses me off. Why can’t I freeze time for a little while? It would make things a lot easier. I could get things done when they need to get done. I would never have to worry about balancing my video game time with all the other necessities of life. It would be fantastic to say the least. Unfortunately, the direction of time seems to be one way for now. Always moving forward, never stopping, and definitely never reversing.

So, what’s my point? I wanted to share with everyone some of the things that were big back in my day. For some, this stuff will be all to familiar. For other, well, we think what you kids are in to these days is crazy too, so don’t judge!

Having been born in 1980, my heyday was the mid-nineties. The first thing that should pop in to mind when you think of that era is the music. It was all grunge, all day back then. We listened to music that actually kicked ass and had a meaning or didn’t have a meaning if you asked our parents! To be fair, the nineties also saw a re-emergence of classic rock. Yep, right after jamming to some Nirvana we popped in a Beatles CD. That’s how cool we were. So first thing I would like to do is present you with my favorite grunge era bands.

Nirvana – Yeah, you knew they were going to be here. How could they not? Nirvana may not have invented the grunge movement, but they sure as hell spread it outside of the Seattle coffee shops. They wrote an anthem for my generation and we played it loud and proud.

See, our anthem was a song of unintelligible lyrics that were penned by a dirty heroin addict from the northwest. Our parents hated it just like their parents hated their choices. The cycle continues today.

See, crap….

There were plenty of other bands out there that defined my generation Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam (that’s not an official Pearl Jam video, I just find it to be hilarious), Blind Melon, Collective Soul, Candlebox, and of course The Cranberries (I was absolutely in love with Dolores O’Riordan).

There are countless one hit wonders from back then as well. Too many to put here, but that’s not the point. The point is that our music had a theme that seemed to reverberate with us as a whole. With that said, on to the clothing!

Grunge was the style of the day. I personally embraced it wholeheartedly. I had the flannel, the ripped up jeans, the long hair that was pulled back in to a ponytail, a random band or tie dyed t-shirt, and of course an over sized anarchy necklace.

Me, rocking the 90s hardcore!

Today I see people running around with clothing straight out of the 80s. What the hell is wrong with these kids? Don’t they know they 80s sucked? I was certain that was common knowledge. Much like our ridiculous style I expect this to fad back in to obscurity as well. I can only hope that the kids will move on to the 90s though. I have a tie dye t-shirt and a badass flannel sitting in the closet just waiting for their chance to relive their former glory.

I guess that is it for now. There are a lot of things I could cover, but I am not sure of their appropriateness. I doubt a discussion on the re-emergence of certain mind altering substances and the rapid expanse in use of other more natural herbal remedies would go well with future employers. Eh, who knows, maybe I will change my mind, but until then let me leave you with this: “Here we are now, entertain us, acting stupid and contagious”, yeah, that was us.


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  1. God I’m just commenting on all your posts but this was too good to pass up.. Having just recently lived in Seattle I can tell you they still play Nirvana on the radio pretty much non-stop. At any point during the day it’s possible to flip around the local stations and find at least one Nirvana song. Also, it still kind of amazes me that Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana…

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