Take Care of Yourself

So my school day ended on a very interesting note this morning. While walking back to the parking lot off Cooper Street I apparently passed out. The scary part is that I was on the staircase of the bridge that crosses over Mitchell. Three very kind people stopped to help me out.

Two of the guys were students and the third guy was a member of UTA’s wonderful landscaping/maintenance team. They stayed with me and called for help. I wish I knew who they were or how I could reach out to them to give them my heartfelt thanks. Sometimes it is easier to keep walking than it is to stop and help a complete stranger. Random acts of kindness are what truly make this world worth its while.

Anyways, I was apparently severely dehydrated. I had to ask myself how that can happen. I like to think I am a fairly healthy person. This whole event made me step back and think. I attend classes full-time. Since I only have seven classes left until I graduate it would be foolish to do anything less than 12 hours. I work damn near full-time hours in a retail location. I have 3 children one of which is slightly older than a month. To say life is stressful right now is putting it mildly. In all of the confusion I forgot one very important thing. I forgot to take care of myself. Drinking plenty of water and eating right are evidently important.

With all that being said, let this be a warning to everyone else. Take care of yourself. No matter how hard life gets or how big your responsibilities are you have to look out for yourself. If not then none of the rest of it matters.


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